DRSM Hosting & Cloud

Management system can be accessed at any place and time without any hardware and security risks of your own.

What is QM Cloud for Organisations? Your QM documents are no longer stored on a PC or the company server. Instead, they are stored on a cloud server in a protected area that only you can access. The DRSM cloud servers are operated by a professional provider (Hetzner AG) at two parallel locations within Germany. The data transfer from you to the data centre and back is encrypted according to the international security standard. Your employees can access your documents to view or print them via the internet. For this, you do not require any separate software. All you need is a common, standard browser such as Internet Explorer, Chrome or Firefox. Using QM Cloud for Organisations: Global access to data via the internet with a reliability of 99.7 % State of the art server hardware & operating systems No expensive, separate hardware and software required for the QMSLegal security thanks to server location in GermanyData centre certified according to ISO 27001 Data security thanks to the latest encrypted data transfer, SSL certificate Protection from the loss of data due to hard drive failure, fire or cyber crime Cost savings for operating your own hardware including power, rent and security features. Professional support including licence and user management Reliable data back-ups / back-up service