DRSM DC for risks

… this risk management is pragmatic and more than sufficient

Managing director: „We need risk management for certification! … OK, what do we need to do as a matter of urgency? I just can’t imagine the benefits this will actually bring me.“

Practical example of an SME, manufacturing industry with approx. 100 employees:

It was already interesting enough when we worked through a standard risk catalogue.
First, we ticked the risks relevant to us and then created a specific risk catalogue for our company within an hour. There were still some other additional risks, while others from the standard catalogue were not relevant for us.

Then we looked at our processes and fields of responsibility. The risks can be allocated easily to the fields of responsibility using DRSM DC for Risks.

… this means that the managers in question were automatically informed and I was able to address them directly for the initial assessment of the risk and include them in the assessment.

… and risk maps are created that are automatically filled with the initial assessment of the risks in the context of the fields of responsibility.

Managing director: „I didn’t believe how easy it was. For identified critical risks, we were then able to derive a risk strategy and necessary risk measures with the management. We want to do this at least once a year.“

… and then came Corona:
… and we hadn’t given any thought to what to do if there was a suspected case in the company!

With DRSM DC for Risks, we were able to tackle the issue directly and find a solution very quickly.

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