DRSM DC for audits

… finally, I’ve got our audit management under control

Audit coordinator: „Excel as an audit planning and measure management tool almost drove me to despair.  It was simply impossible to monitor and control more than 100 locations.”

A practical example from a pharmaceutical corporation:

The scheduling and coordination for more than 1000 audits annually at over 300 locations worldwide is more than a brain teaser. We now solve this on several levels with DRSM DC for Audits. For this purpose, the QMR of the individual locations is actively included in the online planning.

Lead auditors and auditors are managed from a central point with respect to their skills and resources. The QMR allocates their deployment to sites from a decentralised location.

The audit execution is managed using a workflow. The auditors work with tablets or their laptops directly during the audit. Findings, for example in the form of photos, can be recorded directly on site to evaluate an audit question. When the audit is finished, the lead auditor releases the results via the internet … and voila, the audit report lands on the relevant manager’s digital desk in real-time.

The very next minute, audit measures can be defined from the audit report via the internet … and work can begin on remedying a negative finding – it couldn’t be faster!

QMR: „I would not have thought it possible that our auditors would be able to use the tool with just a 10-minute briefing.”

Managing director: „It is good that we are aware of deviations and can remedy them quickly. It is even more important for me that good solutions are recognised and documented in the locations. This enables us to make the best practice solutions from the audits usable for the whole group and enhance undetected potential. Audits are now a management tool.”

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