DRSM DC for strategies and indicators

… I can manage strategies and indicators easily

Managing director: „Our strict certifier almost drove me to despair. How can I show continuity from our mission through our QMS to relevant indicators?”

A practical example from our own business – we are a small IT company:

In theory, it always sounds very good!

Before we got to the topic of „indicators“, a lot of „homework“ had to be done: What is our mission? In what context is our company in the market, which interested parties are relevant for us and what obligations do we have?

I now say, with a little breathing space: „The processes and responsibilities (positions and roles) we actually need have only now become clear to me, as an entrepreneur.“

If that’s not an issue for you, all the better! Then you have definitely also defined strategies and the associated strategic goals. If you link these strategic goals with a process area or field of responsibility, the definition of one or more key figures is relatively easy.

MD: „ was amazed how easy it is with DRSM DC for Strategies and Key Figures to define a indicators in a systemised manner and to stipulate the necessary target values and lower and upper “control limits” for corporate management. The DRSM DC for Strategies and Key Figures Manager Tool takes care of creating a diagram.”

„Initially, we entered key figures into the system by hand – although we know that the data can also be uploaded from other IT systems.”

It is particularly good that there is an overview of all indicators and that I can see the indicators trend at any time, including in the context of the forecast. I can see whether the goal has been achieved and also if we are possibly moving into a critical area. Measure management for strategic measures is integrated in the tool, of course.

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