DRSM DC for projects

… finally, I can keep sight of all ongoing projects

Project manager: „Each community has an individual project management system. I receive reports on the status of these projects in various forms – and sometimes on paper. Coordination is virtually impossible.”

A practical example from community networks:

I finally know what projects are happening in which communities and can see whether they are going as planned or not. Similar projects can be coordinated and the resources consolidated.

I specify who can see which projects and who is actively involved in a project.

Project coordinator: „The projects with their project phases can be defined on the web in minutes. I actively involve the necessary project members in the project through the internet and define their rights. In addition, important decision-makers from the municipalities and other authorities can be involved as observers. They can then find out about the status of the projects at any time and in real-time – it’s simply great.“

Work packages are written during the project meetings in DRSM DC Project.

Gantt diagrams are available to provide a rapid oversight of the many ongoing projects.

… and the best thing is that all team members can collaborate together in all the projects to which they are allocated.

„With DRSM DC Project, we have a pragmatic and manageable project management tool, rather than a highly-professional one that requires separate training to operate the software.”

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